Physics Notes by Khan Sir | Railway Notes in Hindi

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Friends, welcome to physics notes pdf post. If you are also looking for physics notes then you have found the right post. Because in today’s post we are providing physics handwritten notes pdf.
These notes have been prepared by Khan Sir for special railway exam. If you are preparing for railway exam then these notes can be helpful for you.

Physics Notes in Hindi by Khan Sir

In this post we are providing you the notes of Khan Sir. All credit for these notes goes to and Khan sir. These are notes related to Physics subject. These notes cover the questions asked in General Science in every examination. Khan sir has prepared these notes for railway exam. But you can study these notes for railway exam as well as for various other exams.

Physics Notes in Hindi Download pdf

These Physics notes have been prepared in easy language. The size of this PDF of Physics Notes is 15 MB and this PDF has total 58 pages. If you want to know on which topic these Physics notes have been prepared, then you can read the names of the topics below. To download the PDF of this notes, you can download the PDF by clicking on the download PDF button below.

Medium – Hindi

Physics Notes Topic :-

  • गति
  • बल (Force)
  • घर्षण (Friction)
  • कार्य, ऊर्जा एवं शक्ति
  • द्रव्यमान केंद्र
  • गुरुत्वाकर्षण (Gravitation)
  • सरल आवर्त गति
  • गुरुत्वीय बल एवं भार
  • ग्रहों की गति सम्बन्धी नियम
  • दाब (Presser)
  • श्यानता
  • पृष्ठ तनाव
  • प्रत्यास्थता
  • ऊष्मा (Heat)
  • इंजन
  • तरंग
  • प्रत्यस्था
  • प्रकाश (Light)
  • विभव
  • Wheat Stone Bridge
  • चुम्बक (Megnatic)

PDF File Size – 15 MB

Total Page – 58

Download pdf

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