Biology Revision Notes Class 12th by CBSE


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Biology Revision Notes Class 12th by CBSE

Dear students, in this pdf, we have brought the notes of class 12 CBSE biology for you. We have prepared these notes on the basis of the class 12 biology class book. These notes may prove useful for you. The language style of these notes is extremely simple.

Chapter – 01 Reproduction in Organisms

Chapter – 02 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Chapter – 03 Human Reproduction

Chapter – 04 Reproductive Health

Chapter – 05 Principles of Inheritance And Variation

Chapter – 06 Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Chapter – 07 Evolution

Chapter – 08 Human Health And Disease

Chapter – 09 Strategies for Enhancement

Chapter – 10 Microbes in human Welfare

Chapter – 11 Biotechnology: Principales And Process

Chapter – 12 Biotechnology And it’s Applications

Chapter – 13 Organisms And Populations

Chapter – 14 Ecosystem

Chapter – 15 Biodiversity And Conservation

Chapter – 16 Enviromental Issues

PDF File Size – 22 MB

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