B.Ed Lesson plan Diary by “English” (Complete 30 Lesson)

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B.Ed Lesson plan Diary by “English” (Complete 30 Lesson)

Hello, if you are a regular student of B.Ed and you are having internship in your nearest government school. And you want to prepare a Lesson Plan for your English subject. So we have prepared for you Lesson Plan Diary for English subject, by downloading the PDF file, you can learn to create a Lesson Plan, and through this PDF File you can make your daily lesson plan. Can prepare a diary

In our PDF file of daily lesson plan prepared for you, you get full 30 Lesson in English. You can prepare these lesson plans for both B.Ed. Part-1 and Part-2 or BSTC. The names of these lesson plans are given below. You can download PDF file by reading them.


दैनिक पाठ योजना – 1 (The Mountain and The Squirrel)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 2 (The Kind Prince)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 3 (My Village, Poem)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 4 (Noun)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 5 (Verb and it’s Kinds)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 6 (The Honest Farmer)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 7 (The Camel’s Hump)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 8 (The Proud Stay)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 9 (The End Of Tortais)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 10 (Rani To Jhansi)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 11 (Our National)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 12 (Letter)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 13 (The Wicked Crocodile)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 14 (Application)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 15 (The Riddle of Four Paise)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 16 (The Rivals ‘Poem’)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 17 (My Shadow)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 18 (The Foolish Turtle)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 19 (Playing is Fun)

दैनिक पाठ योजना – 20 (The Parrot and The Mango)

PDF File Size – 56 MB

नोट – English Lesson Plan PDF लेने के लिए आप हमारे साथ Whatsapp पर संपर्क कर सकते है। (9610571004)

PDF शुल्क – 65 रुपये

अधिक जानकारी के लिए आप हमसे संपर्क कर सकते है... +919610571004 (☎ & WhatsApp)

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Vijay Kumar Hirwani
Vijay Kumar Hirwani
1 year ago

How can I get class 10th lesson plans

10 months ago

Raj. Board k 9th class k english ki lesson plan n mil skte kya

Ritik dass
Ritik dass
9 months ago

Sri Ganganagar

7 months ago

i want a lesson plan for economics
please reply

Swati Singhal
Swati Singhal
6 months ago

I want English lesson plan